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Contact Lenses For Playing Cards For Invisible Ink Marked Cards – Pokercheat8

Contact lenses that can see through playing cards come in a variety of colors contact lenses for playing cards. Contact Lenses that Can See Through Playing Cards are the same color as the eyeball. It is invisible to others because it is reflected by the eyeball black. This infrared contact lens can be used to see invisible ink marks on the back of playing cards. The different marks on the backs of the cards can help us identify the value and suit of each card. This way you can not only identify the suit and value of each card but also the backs. Before using contact lenses for playing cards. Clean the table and take care of your contact lenses. If there are any foreign matter marked deck of playing cards, breakage or precipitate on the lenses, you should inspect them. How to Choose Contact Lenses. 1. Contact lenses are not designed to see through normal poker cards or mahjong tiles. There aren’t any X-ray lenses on the market that can see through unprocessed playing card cards. Special chemical potion (luminous-ink) is used to process both white and black-lit playing cards. These invisible ink cards can be used without cheating contact lenses, luminous ink glasses or other optical devices. They look just like regular poker cards, and are also marked Mahjong. 2. To accommodate different light sources, you can use see-through lenses for marked cards. After wearing the marked card contact lenses, myopia-prone friends can use myopia glasses. 3. Prices for marked playing cards contact lenses vary depending on the source material. High-quality infrared contact lens made of anti-scaling, non-ionic material are comfortable and healthy. They can also be easily cleaned. Futures with unique elasticity, curved technology, and a comfortable design. 4. Different materials are used for contact lenses for playing card. Good materials make the see-through contact lenses more comfortable to use for long periods of time. The lenses for processed marked cards are ultra-thin and soft. These see-through contacts lenses allow you to see the marked cards clearly. You may not even be aware that they are there. The material used to make the contact lenses for playing card games will determine the thickness. Professional infrared contacts for playing cards are made from the finest materials. Contact lenses for playing cards that are best for eye strain relief are the best. The contact lenses for playing card are generally thinner and more comfortable. Warm Tips for Using Contact Lenses. Infrared contact lens are very close to the eyeball so it is important to take care of hygiene. Make sure you are clear about how to properly use contact lenses. Do not mess with!

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