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Online poker hand analyzer-customplayingcardss

Poker scanners can be classified into single-player poker scanners poker camera scanners, and chip analysis scans.

Two people are required to operate poker camera scanners.

Install the lens as well as the transmitter during the game The lens scans the game, then transmit the scan data to the analyzer in the absence of the poker game, and then the computer software analyses the poker data , and sends the analysis result to wireless invisible headphones. It is a well-known online poker hand analyzer.

The most popular model is single -player poker scanners. Work on their own using a host, lens and wireless invisible headphones. Single-player poker scanners are a mobile phone. Lens can be put on a mobile phone. It can hold lighters, buttons, belts and wallets, as along with car keys and buttons. The code is sent via the camera to host. The host will review the results and transmit the voice to the headset. This takes less than one second.

The chip analyz scanners are a new product being studied. IC chip is incorporated into all poker machines. If the croupier sends an IC chip, it will analyse the poker.

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